My bby is 8 month old..He is having his solid food n in between am giving him breast milk as per his demand..but i think my milk is not sufficient at night tim for my bby..can i hv to take lactotin granules for increase milk supply

Yes you can if you think it will help.. also sharing a few articles to increase...

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Hi ofcourse you can, Also try Daliya porridge it works great for milk supply.

U can take shatavari kalp it is good

Thnk u so much kavita,Rebecca n vipra

@Rekha why do you feel that your milk is not sufficient. After night feed finishes does your baby demand more? Does the baby cry a lot, does he get fussy on the breast? Are you feeding him only at night or throughout the day every 4 hours

@Dr Ruchita Mehra i feed him 3 to 4 times in day time and in the night whenever he cries/demands. In the day time he is having his solid food 5 times..bt when i feed him in the night i feel like he is not getting enough milk.my breast feels light.