hello mommies.... i had a normal delivery 6 months back, I put on 20 kgs during my pregnancy now I am feeling very depressed in front of mirror, pictures... I was 55 when I started now I am 70 kgs... I donno how to reduce it I can't stop my starving for food....

one more thing HAIR LOSS, I am going through with extreme hairloss... somewhere I feel so ugly for my self... plz  help me mommies with remedies not sympathy....

thanks in advance :)

who ever told u that to lose weight u have to starve has given u wrong information. u have to eat as per ur bmr which is calculated as per ur height age and weight. eat normal family food. stop sugar,  junk and oil

u dont have to go out to lose weight. u can do it at home itself. there are so many you tube videos that u can refer for weight loss. do workouts when baby sleeps.

hair loss is loss of nutrients. are u taking iron calcium ? its a common thing and all expeirnce it

clean eatimg and workout will help u lose weight. if u can do both,  ull lose weight. keep reall expectations. target 1-2 kgs per month and be regular. workout atleast 4-5 days a week

thanks a lot harneet.... do I start my iron cal tablets for hairs....

calcium is for bones. iron is for ur blood and hair. u can also taken vitamin e capsules or some multiviamins that has vitamin e and folid acid both for hair.

also pls dont start anything just like that. do consult a medical profesional

for hair loss you can look at Anisha Agarwal and Deepali Soam(@myteenytot) profile. They have shared some tips on this