Hi momstars...please share your reviews and feedback regarding cloth diapers...please share is it comfortable and leak proof..or any other valuable input as I am planning to buy to gift a new born kid but have not used it so not aware if it's worth ...

Age:new born till 1 year age...

Thanks in advance..

hi anon pls chk the review section - u can buy Superbottoms Bumberry on the app. pls read Neha Sharma's 3 Types of Cloth Diapers: as Shared by MomStar Neha

cloth diapers arents leak proof .. u can try nappy pads which is better that using cloth nappies .

i have bad experience with cloth diapers..i tried using them twice but didnt like them. washing,maintaining them is a task. they are not leak proof and feels bulky ( depends on the inserts). not convenient when u r travelling

3 Types of Cloth Diapers: as Shared by MomStar Neha

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I have used cloth diapers for my twins from 3 months onwards and we till date use...(though bow it's just night time that too with my daughter)
I swear by cloth diapers and it saved me a lot.. yes we have had few leaking episodes too but once you know the basics this won't happen. go through all tagged posts and get comfortable.. I still recommend it to so many moms... any query fell feel to ask questions
this is one of the best gift for new mom for their babies

I have used cloth diapers exclusively from beginning to 2 years. no leaks nothing. I have used them in most of my travels too

cding from the time i got to know about them . and that was 2 months my baby was. won't say they don't leak , yez they do , only some time, but in my case disposables also some time, so equivalent. liked superbottoms the most in indian brands. joining cloth diapering India group on fb will help you a lot

Thank u momstars for your valuable guidance...

Nayantara @ MommyingBabyT

Cloth diapers have been one of the best decisions we took for our baby. overnight, on vacation, road trips, local trips - we have cloth diapered through it all. i have not had even one day of diaper rash thanks to Cloth diapers. never bought a tube of rash cream also.
it does take some effort initially to wash and maintain but you get used it soon and it doesnt feel like a cumbersome task then.

gift a cover and flat for new born of new born size.. cloth diapers are a boon ...