Hi Mommies,
My 2 year old boy sleeps in complete silence. I mean if there is slightest of noise he gets up and starts crying. It gets very difficult to carry out chores or do anything while he is asleep. The door needs to be closed and i or someone has to be there inside while he sleeps coz we don't want to leave him alone with the door closed. Please suggest how can i change this. I tried keeping the door open but he wakes up and gets all angry and fussy. Please help!

Hi Mommy kind of similar situation here, When my daughter was born my husband was onsite and it was just me and my mom. So she was so used to silence that even little sound use to disturb her sleep, I slowly changed this habit. I started putting her to sleep not in so silent atmosphere initially it was difficult but she started sleeping irrespective of the sound. Try it when he is very sleepy.

U can practice playing white noise while making him sleep. Slowly once he gets used to it. Outside noise shouldn't be a problem