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hy friends my son is 4 yrs old.he is kg 1 .when he don't do homework properly i feel veey angry i use to slap him 2 to 3 times.after i feel i feel very bad that i hit sich i small boy.but as i was teacher i want things words 'numbers he write to be perfect .....what can i  do

Hi. Pls let ur child be. I know u want the best but hitting will just push him further patient n make it fun

hi navneet. thanks for sharing this. whether we are a teacher or a mother, we all need to avoid slapping small kids over HW. they are just kids. they will get it right sooner or later. in fact becoz u are a teacher u will be able to teach him better naa? pls try using playway. it will help.

but other students of class i m their teacher they knw hw to behave .he knowingly do that because he don't want to write more than one page.should i go for tuition for him

hey navneet. he's small abhi. he has lots of time for tuition. talk to him. is he feeling little anxious about the new baby coming?! just spend some quality time wth him. if need be, get another teacher to speak to him. he'll listen. tc

motherhood needs a lot of patience dear yet motherhood and patience both are quite challenging task. For you dnt slap him it makes him stubborn just calm down nd give him couple of hours for study.
and just try to make him feel happy while studying it enhances his power of learning.

Dear Navneet, I understand as a parent you want the best for your child. Hitting and slapping is damaging and leads to behavioural and emotional concerns later in life up and contributes to a negative self concept.As a mother and a teacher you may want him to be perfect but the sooner we realise there's no such thing as perfect, the better it is! Instead help him develop the skill of writing encourage him and you have the added advantage of being a teacher so use your skills to help him work through it. Homework will always be there. Identify the trigger for your irritation as sometimes our own need for perfection translates onto our children. Check in with yourself and ask what's really bothering you and address that concern.

thanks everyone for ur precious comments ...i will work on me .will not hit some ...i think sometimes my own frustations i put on him ...he is so cute but yes due to dadi's love he never listen .i want him to help me in household chores .like give water greet evryone who comes at home....but he nevr listens i want this all to make him responsible so that he must knw his duties....

Hey Navneet Chhabra!First of all don't feel guilty!you're a great mom.everyone looses their temper at some point.It's just that hitting the small kid is just not the solution for it.Infact it worsens the situation.I completely understand your expectations as a mother and a teacher as well.Trying to teach him responsibilities and manners is a good thing.But do it in polite way.Encourage him instead of scolding or hitting.Try to understand what motivates him the most and use that to teach him.It could be as simple as clapping or giving him rewards.This will not just motivate him but he will enjoying learning and doing it.As a teacher,you know better!Please don't compare your child with other children in class.Instead appreciate for every little effort he takes to improve.Sometimes lowering our expectations and encouraging children for what they do makes both the child and ourselves happy!Happy parenting!❤✌

thanks everyone....for useful tips

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