help, I m 36 weak pragnet and from 3-4 days very very rare movement of child in my uper abdomen.I hv asked about this to gynac but he had told its not any problem.he had told this without I m confused very very rare moment 3 - 5 times in day .so is there any problem in child ? because I m also suffering from itching from 15 days.I hv show it to gynac , skin specialist but they told its due to pragnency and give me medicine and lotion but I hv no any relief from itching still i m thinking is baby movement very less due to lives problem is any other ?? why ? I m so worried about my little baby.please sugges me use Kia n.a. home one can understand me about my hands.I can't share this one to my sasari relative nowadays.

dear Komal we hear you...don't worry baby movements at this stage becomes less due to space baby don't get enough space to move freely so 3 to 4 movements are fine far as itching is concerned so again your doctor is right it is normal in pregnancy at advance stage kyunki skin khinchti hai lekin aap bilkul bhi nails use na karein itching mein stretch marks aayenge...aap coconut oil lagaiye relief hoga...kuch bhi doubt ho you can ask us anytime dear we are all here with you😊Sheeba Vijesh would you like to add some advice please?

hi dear, i agree with what sheeba rizvi said, but if you feel something is amiss, please trust your instincts and demand the doctor to do scanning. i believe they should do if you say you want. Dr.Shilpitha Shanthappa

firstly itching is need not to be compulsorily because of elevated LFT values,,, there are so many other conditions... and itching will not really affect baby movements.. hence, if you are really worried, then its your right to ask your doctor for an USG and LFT done.. usually doctors will never ignore if patient insist on investigations.. dont hesitate.. talk to your doctor...

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