Where can I find a complete chart about which solid food should be started when ?
I need a guide about food items for my baby
She will turn 8months in few days

No animal milk, salt, no sugar/jaggery/honey till the baby completes 1 year. Even post that if you can avoid, please do.;
Before every solids meal, give bm/ff (about 20-30 mins before);
Continue to breastfeed as normal and don’t replace a feed session with solids.;
When you introduce solids introduce everything individually first, be it fruit or vegetable or cereal.;
6th month - 1 meals;
7th Month-2 meals;
8th Month- 3 meals;
9th month- 3 meals and a snack if needed;
10th Months- same; as above and give snacks as per demand.;
If you are doing traditional weaning, then steam instead of boiling before pureeing;
Start with breakfast and observe any reactions.;
Offer variety. Don’t give the baby the same thing for several days
Don’t be alarmed if baby doesn’t eat more than a few grains or a bite in the initial days, it’s normal.;
Follow the baby’s cues when it comes to quantity. If baby persistently refuses then don’t force.;

No one can follow any chart, hunger is natural. As the baby is 8 monthe you can give 2 meals and 1 snack , breakfast, lunch and snacks can be given. Idly, dosa, soft paratha, upma, daliya, oats, eggs can be given as breakfast. Soft roti , well cooked vegetables, dal, rice , kichadi, pulav can be offered as lunch. And fruits can be offered as evening snacks.