Plzzz suggest how mother's milk can be saved for next feeding .Are pumps useful?

Yes pumps are useful. Especially for working mothers. Pump out milk only for a day and store it in fridge. Whenever you need to feed take out required amount in a glass bottle and put it half submerged in boiled water. Do not give direct heat to the milk and then tranfer it to baby bottle and feed.

yes, you can save mothers milk. it can be used for a day. just store in the fridge and dont boil directly. use steam of boiling water to heat the same. the same is safe. as far as pumps are concerned, they are safe. you should read the instructions carefully before using them

at room temperatures 4-6 refrigerator 4-6 days. in freezer 4-6months .i always considered 3 the number and used. dint steamed .just brought them to room temperature first than warming it by keeping inside hot water..pumps are a boon