Healthy Chocolate oats nd dry fruits granola bar for growing kids....🍫🍫 So replace chocolates with these bars....😃😃

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hi  Isha Sharma (mommyalwayzondut is this homemade??!! pls share recipe if so! i cud eat one right now!

yes... asha di... this is home made...soon I share recipe... Offcorse di..u can..❤😘😘🤗🤗 all yours...

wow isha! pls share the recipe! if its okay with u we wud like to recommend this and some other of ur helpful posts to be converted into articles?

It's very simple quick nd easy ...for this we need..
instant oats- 1cup
poha flakes-1/2 1cup
Wheat bran-1/2 1cup
dry fruits(chopped)-almond,walnut,apricot(optional), raisins, chopped dates (optional) etc
jaggery-11/2 cup
cocoa powder-1tbsp
ghee-1 tbsp
Take a heavy bottom pan dry roast all oats,poha nd wheat bran...
Take a heavy bottom pan...
add ghee..
add dry fruits...lil bit roast them...add jaggery...mix well..
.Check consistency.Then add
oats,poha flakes and wheat bran... mix it well....
Take a greased tray...
Transfer mixture in tray...tap it 4-5 times..
Let it cool...nd cut in u want...
Note:U can add whatever u want like barely flakes,oats bran,choco chips nd tutti fruti ,fruit like (dry papaya,dry kiwi,dry blue berries etc)
enjoy healthy yummy granola bar.....🍫🍫🍫🍫

Glad u like it.. asha di..😊

hey isha i hv pinged u in chat :)