Hey moms plz help, my right breast was hardened as baby was not feeding from that side. So I gave wet sponging with warm water and then pressed the breast to remove hardness. Now it's paining like hell. plz help

Hey try to feed your baby from both sides, if baby is not feeding than express it. It is done with warm water in a very smooth way. Make your baby feed from right breast, it will ease your pain.

hi, keep sponging with warm water ,with towel or purchase hot water sponge bag, it will pain for some time ,try to sponge in 2 hours regularly,feed baby both sides ,if flow is.more express milk , wear lose nursing bra

i had the same problem on 4-5th day of delivery. i used hot water bottle continuously over my bre as t till it soften by itself nt pressed by hands. baby cant latch on hard breast. 

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