Rava kesari Halwa ... for all a healthy nd easy pizy...sweet .. for toddlers ,for kids nd offcorse for mommies too...
ghee-1/2 cup (but I mostly use fresh cream for Halwa.. rarely I used ghee)
kesar-soaked in milk
MILK-1/2 cup
dry fruits chopped- almond,pista,kajuetc
Take a pan add water let it boil add sugar in it...
Now take heavy bottom pan add ghee or fresh cream..
Now add Rava... toast it continue..
When Rava golden brownish
add chopped dry fruits
mix properly
add sugar water mix it properly...no lumps..
Add saffron milk...mix it well...
When it spare from pan and spatula..
it's ready...
very easy to cook....nd yummy in taste..
ENJOY mommies nd kids... much love..

here sugar -1cup how I correct it... Khushboo Chouhan