To all toddler moms out here . How do you manage your ttoddlers ya!  I am at my wits end !! My toddler really embarrassed me today at the mall. His tantrums are increasing day by day and today he just rolled and thumped on the floor like a total junglee ill mannered kid. he brought me to tears literally as this is not what I have taught him. I was so embarrassed and broken to pieces. I felt like spanking him and taking him aside but I controlled myself really hard!!! I am so annoyed and angry with him, I can't even begin to tell !!!

How do you handle aug situations moms ??

Dear they r kids they don't know what good what's bad ,  are like that sometimes, keep his toy or something that he likes the most nd bribe him calmly bribe in such a way that it doesn't become a habit , getting angry or hitting is not a solution explain calmly that it doesn't look nice people will say it a bad kids etc
hope this helps

Neha Sharma Roopashree Siddireddy Gayatri Rao asha chaudhry pls advice from your experience.

Hi anon, hugs to a tot mom from a tot mom 😁 I think this is also a phase like many phases we passed through. My son is going to be 19 Mo soon and yesterday he showed his worst tantrum in the play ground. Big kids were playing basketball and he wanted to join them 🙄 I talked to him that ball may hit hard and we should go n play with same age kids but No, nothing worked. What I did was I took him back home and left him alone, he cried, did snake dance on the floor and after 5 mins when there was nothing more to do he got up and started playing with his toys. Time out worked for us. When he was calmer I talked to him about his behaviour, I am sure he didn't understand much but repeating things always make an impact. One thing I want to say is never ever get embarrassed about ur kid's behaviour, 1- coz they are kids not order following soldiers on duty, 2- we are parents who are still learning the art of parenting. ❤ Hope it helps.

hi anon. a big hug! this happens to ALL OF US. i remember being horrified whn i saw some kid doing that only to be doubly horrified whn someone in the family did that and mortified when my childoo did that :( btw we still have a talk whn we are going to buy a gift at the toy or book store. 8-10 mnths ago she wanted something so bad and had tears in her eyes, so i agreed - told her its coming from her piggy bank now. and that was nani's gift to her since nani was coming! and i made say bye to the shop assistants who knw us well, saying we are not coming back anymore! she apologised at home for throwing a tantrum but she is older. now for small kids it's more challenging. try not to lose it. using a gentle yet firm voice is ideal - but this is never an ideal situation. reasoning doent usually work - unfortunately we end up cutting a deal - i will get u something else. sometimes i wish we cud outsource such situations to the dandawala bhaiyya. sometimes u have to threaten to leave. sometimes u have to clearly tell them that people are watching ur bad behaviour. i try to make the child understand why this particular thing is not useful and why something else is. sometimes u gotta ignore and carry on wth ur own shopping. gosh there is no fixed strategy to deal wth hissy fits at the mall. in between i just stopped taking her on my shopping trips. and told her that i wud pick the gift up since she dint behave properly at the store. if u do end up giving in &  buying that particular toy (sometimes that too happens) be sure u make them give an old toy to u to give away. just keep trying, like i said no fixed formula will ever work, but they gradually become more reasonable about things. my childoo bargains wth me, " mom i will use my tooth fairy money, mom i wont ask for anything on childrens day" etc and if i agree i stick to it. this year she didnt get a big bday gift from us coz she had already picked up a couple of small things. so try and balance. hope this helps. pls dont be too hard on urself. its not ur fault :)

Neha Sharma big hugs love! snake dance indeed!!!

woow...great thoughts Neha Sharma asha chaudhry....

Didn't face such situation till now.. Let's see what happens in future BT thanks to all mommies for D ideas....

same ..happens yestrdy my 4 yr old son aske to download subway surfeers.after watching game pic on game ..that time some guests were at home...he behaves. like stubborn. ill mannered boy.i feel very ashamed and guilty that i don't want my kid to behave like this but at the end i downloaded game..😈he was evsn not let me nd mil talk to guests...

Pranita Gawande Laddha Deepali Soam(@myteenytot)

Hey .. All of us have faced this. so nothing to worry and feel bad about . I remember  my kid used to do this when we was too tired or hungry. So make sure it's not what is bothering ur child. Also I practice : Not to buy him a toy or candy everytime we are stepping out. And when we r buying, it would always be onething at a time.
it's just a phase, will pass soon. just teach them the way u want them to behave and eventually it will come

Neha Sharma Snake dance? 😅😅 You are too funny.

all kids are like this! pls don encourage it at home! wen tey do tat at home ignore, slowly tey ll know tat u wont bother and tey ll change but u need patience otherwise tey ll b very very naughty as tey grow

1st reason when they throw tantrum can be - they are already hungry/tired/sleepy/ absolutely bored and have no patience to stay at the same place. In such cases, leave the place immediately for some time.....offer him/her something to eat (feed him/her well) and and talk patiently with all the love and care by offering hugs and kisses just to convey that you care about his/her EMOTIONS and FEELINGS but NOT THE BEHAVIOUR. And Please for god sake 😁 IGNORE THE ONLOOKERS, as it's none of their business!! SO DON'T EVER GET EMBARRASSED by such situations  (even if society or your own famiy members/grandparents or anyone is watching you) Seeing UPS and DOWNS in life is normla part of his growth.And being your child's first teacher, you can have a positive discussion with your child about the situation like how much important work you are doing there and you just can not leave in between or it will make mama really happy, if he/she can help mama in her work😃 So that they can leave the place soon!

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