was struggling between self care and baby care and baby feeding... top of all got fever today... 😐 i dont know when this struggling period is going to end... hhffffff...... my mom is supporting me so much ... she is taking care of me like a baby... god bless my mom... 🙏 without her i dont know what would have happened to me.. its been 12 days today and still i am finding myself struggling getting up from bed....

don't wry dear its all part of motherhood..even im going through the same..i had c sec   n im depend on my mom for everything..God bless all our lovely momma's..
hope all gets well soon..
healing hugs😘😘

its initially tough but trust me,  the sooner u become independent - ull find it less hectic. best of luck. God bless.

It happened with us all.Dont take stress.. BY 2 month things wud be in control.But ofcrse try to get independent with slow start.

start is so difficult abd first baby is tough...but after 2 month u find dont worry it will pass on ....i m also going through same one to support me even not my husband..his boss is not givibg him any leave not even when i was in is difficult dear...but look u have to do for the little one...he is all depend on stronge..

hey healing hugs jyoti! hang in there!

for all the lovely mommies out there..the sooner u get independent more easier everything becomes..i m taking care of my baby all alone..hardly 20 days over after c sec..but m doing everything on my own n to be frank everything is just fun..dont think u cant do..a mom can do everything..

Jyoti dear did you started massages yet? I felt the same and it dragged me to PPD... husband helped a lot.... daily massage, balanced diet, fluids and doctor's medication will help you to Manage...I had help only for 10-12 days and since then managed my baby alone with husband's can do it we all are here....god bless