blessed with baby boy yesterday at 12:57 pm.....we botj r fyn.....yipiyyyyyy feeling like awesome...thanks to all of u for yr suport n love

Wonderful news. Hope u n baby are doing good. God bless!

God bless and take care. hope you are already feeding the baby.

Congrats!!cherish these moments😍

Dats amazing.... Congratulations Laxmi Shankar

asha chaudhry Priya Sood Foram Roopashree Siddireddy Sheeba Vijesh Sumira Bhatia #tagfrwd

congratulations dear..

congratulations dear 😊

many congrats and blessings laxmi! much love from all of us!!!

congratulations dear :)

congratulations dear god bless both of share big pic..😍

congratulations dear....normal delivery or c section?

congrats laxmi :) blessings to both of u.

Congrats , and God bless

congratulations .. hugs nd 😘

congratulations laxmi!!

congrats.  May God bless him.  Happy  parenting

congratulations . lots of blessings 💞

congratulation Laxmi Shankar....i just want to know that what was your baby's heart rate during pregnancy..??

wellcome to motherhood world

congratulations dear..  stay blessed

many congratulations 😊

Congrats dear.  Blessings to you and the baby 😘😘💞💞👌👌

congrats... god bless the lil one...

Hey congratulations...

congratulation Darling

congrats dear...norml delvry or csarian

god bless you and LO with best health... enjoy mumma 😘

thanks to all sweet moms....its c sec birth lovely is fyn but now i am facing a problem that my nipples are very small my baby dont get able to suck them...what should i do to get them large?pls suggest me moms....

my baby heart rate was 153--146----like never go below 140...but still its a boy and i m very happy to see him

my love my life my world my sweet son....i love him a lot a lot a lot....thanks for yr wishes lovely moms....hum sbka baby h ye..

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Laxmi Shankar hang in there. i hv tagged u in lots of imp bf  posts. can u just ask this as a separate q so we all can answer there? the advice will get lost here. hang in there sweety

so cute baby....mashallah😘😘😘

yes asha chaudhry di ...i have asked the same question to the expert also waitnig for her reply

keep trying baby will latch...try pigeon nipple puller or nipple shield for feeding

thank u Rakhi Puri di.....

good bless u champ.... you're so adorable

He's so adorable... Lots of kisses to babu

Congrats.  May God bless him.  Happy  parenting

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