Hi moms. I have been working for years and due to personal reasons had to leave my job. I am not used to this and finding it difficult to plan my day. intend of wasting a lot of time. Stay at he moms, pl do give some insights on how I could better plan my day and become more productive. I feel I have lost all motivation due to this big change in my life.

i feel u dear anon. i am in the same boat. some of the thinhs that i do to keep myself busy are - trying out new recipes, decluttering my home and cleaning. (u wont know how time runs). tending to my plants and watering them. i fired my maid cause of the same reason. used to do all dishes and cleaning myself.

do workout, watch you tube videos,  read books. do paths/kirtans

take my kids to park. spend 1-2 hrs there. go grocerry shopping.

do DIY hair and skin care. or make some crafts.

I hear you!!!! we all have our experiences. 1. every day do something u only u enjoy 2. make a rough things to do. 3. give yourself a learn something, do some good activities with with us and use this as an opportunity

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