my baby is one month old and has got cold .Is there a home remedy ? Can we use Vick's?

hi vandana pls avoid vicks as baby's skin very delicate & sensitive. pls steam - add a drop of nilgiri oil. Sheeba Vijesh pls share ur potli magic. tc Why You Must Opt For Steam For You And Your Child?

no Vicks.. breastfeeding will help..use baby steamer..add ajwain in water and keep that steamer in will ease out breathing..cut and keep white onion along the bed side  to prevent further infection..heat mustard oil about 2 teaspoon add ajwain 1 teaspoon, 4-5 garlic pods..let it cool and than tie it in a cotton potli and keep that potli beside your babies pillow or hang it somewhere..where he sleeps..ajwain and garlic have antibacterial and antifungal properties..keep your baby hydrated so feed often..within 2-3 days your baby will be fine

please don't use any home remedies at home baby is too small please consult with your pediatrician