Hi... Is my report normal... Are fibroids going to cause problem? Dr. Payal M Dr.Shilpitha Shanthappa

hi richa what has ur dr said?

Doctors r confusing me some say biggest fibroid is located where c section happens others say its near placenta... m just worried about pre term i dont want it to happen asha chaudhry

yes doctors are telling right.. its in the anterior wall and near placenta too.. please dont get stressed.. believe your doctor and follow their advice.. you will be fine

hi richa dont think about pre-term. i developed a fibroid that grew along with baby on the posterior wall! and despite all the ultra sounds it got missed coz they forgot to do one from the vagina!!! so my dr saw it only when she was trying to stitch the uterus back again! urs has been detected so pls dont worry! all will be well. tc

Thank u so much asha chaudhry hugs 🤗

you ll have a girl child