..I have ragi flour bajara flour and barley powder separetly ..can I mix these flours to make porridge. ..I mean I brougt it all flour in different  packet I want  mix all these three flour and keep in container ...and use it while making kindly let me know is it good to mix these flour

Ashwini if your baby is 2 months old, you should be breastfeeding only exclusively until 6 months! Bajra and ragi is very heavy for the little stomach

it's not for's for me

my doc said to have grains I want to know whether I can mix it all of not

hi ashwani instead of porridge u can even have lovely rotis! u can mix ragi with normal atta. and make bajra rotla too. yum!!

I can't make rotis as my husband belongs to Mangalore ..and there people don't know how to make rotis ..and now Iam completley on rest  my mil don't allow me to cook my mil can prepare only porridge with grains I just want to know whether I can mix all grains and make porridge ..

dont mix all in one go - first try and see what it tastes like!