friends again a issue I have severe cold and cough and fever head ache and body pain my son is not taking my feed since afternoon I had to give top feed now I'm full on milk what do i do it's paining 😴🙃🤕

Take care Foram. Try home remedies for cold. Hope you feel better super soon.

put hot water bag on it and express milk ..

Why don't you express milk and store?

But won't my viral infect baby through milk ?

Foram, infact your milk will give her more immunity. At this point, you should take care of two things.
1) As you said you have cold, maintain a good hygiene. Cos infants catch cold quite so quickly.
2) milk might be hot, if you have extra ordinary temperature. Do not worry if you have less than 102.
This is truly based on my experience. So do not give up.
Most importantly, you take good care😊

No I feel .. Bec when I had severe fever I mean 101 temp I use to express milk and feed my baby ..

i agree with Sangeetha Karuna ur milk will give him's full of antibodies ..don't worry