my 2 years old baby girl can't speak but understands everything. how can I make her speak?

talk a lot with her. point to objects like tree and say its a tree,  like wise for flowrs,  things at home,  dada,  dadi,  transport,  food items. the more u repeat, more they learn

by this time she has to utter a couple of words if not sentences .keep trying n I say better consult Ur paediatrician...he will further guide you

Talk talk and talk. That really helps. encourage her to answer questions. dont force and interact as much as possible. my daughter was a late speaker too. you can get her checked if you wish too. remember each child is different :) dont stress

Dear Prognadipta, Sorry for the late response to your question, but I recommend that you go and see a Speech and Language Therapist because your daughter should be speaking by now, not just understanding. Hope this helps!