my 4months old boy cries a lot before sleeping... what may be the reason

hi Mounika.. I face the same when it comes to making my 6 months champ sleeping.. what I have observed is that he gets quit tired by the time he sleeps.. all you need to do is give him a tight momma's hug bring him closer to your lips n make him sleep while you stand..
hope this works for you..coz it does for me.
P.S. do read him some book during bedtimes.

When baby gets over tired they cry a lot so maintain sleep schedule, it will be easy for u as well as for ur baby.

it's very normal.. baby gets tired and wants to sleep so she cries... if you see any sign of baby feeling sleeping put baby to sleep...
and crying is the only thing through which baby will communicate...

it's normal dear.mostly baby jab nind me aate hai to rote hai.becoz they tried n cry.unka schedule banao or jab unka sone ka time to usi time pe sula do nahi roengy

qki babies bol nai pate that they are feeling sleepy thats why Ye common hai aap tension mat lo

baby cud be crying because of any of these reasons. pls chk.

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