I am a little worried about my three months old child. How would I know that he is properly fed by me and doesn't remains hungry. And also his both the lower sides of gums are showing something whitish in color might be teeth inside, he refuses to feed sometimes, cries, drools, put fingers in his mouth. Is he teething?

Hi Rekha just check for lines on his tummy, if it shows he is not full. Teeth not possible at 3 months could be due mother's milk, need not worry. If the tongue is white you can wipe it slowly with a thin wet clean muslin cloth.

if the child is hungry he wil not sleep good after the feed. wil b irritable , cranky. don't expect teething so early as 3 months but sumtimes it happens.

but his both the sides of the lower gums of the cannine teeth are white. Is it anything to be worried with? plz help

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