need help, my baby is 20 months old. he is been crying at nights for almost 4 hours continuously. he becomes uncontrollable. he stops crying only when we take him down for a small drive and then he sleeps. is this normal. my doctor said it's part of development. we really feel sad when he cries.

Checked for colic? or some fear or something unpleasant that he encountered in the last few days?

Hey it can be a nightmare. May be upset stomach. just watch for a day or two. I know it makes us feel helpless but stay calm and strong.

I did, gave him the medicine for colic. but can't figure out.

hey my son went through it ... its mabbe a bad dream.. so jus hold ur baby and keep telling him everyone is there.  also at tines its because of the heat they tend to wake uo and cry .. ask hin if yumny is aching apply some balm around the navel... but basically jus try to reassure ur baby ur there . and hold hom and walk around . offer some water if u want .

Dear it may be due to nightmare,  colic pain,  feeling tired,  mild fever etc.  wait and watch for one another day otherwise please do consult with your doctor.

hey neha this happens to many of us. u hv already got brilliant advice. to wean off my baby we used to take her for drives! hang in there. give him a small bedtime buddy to hang on to at nite. get a small nite light - whatever helps. tc

Neha Sharma Charu Sareen Gujjal(TheMomSagas) pls help

Did you check for colic, teething etc? My son too has passed this phase. We realised that he used to get scared in the night thinking about the new faces he sees in the day. I used to cuddle him and make him sleep by side all night. Thankfully it was just a phase that got over soon.

I have not faced such a situation where my son cried for this long but a couple of times he cried inconsolabaly coz he was too tired and sleepy but just couldn't sleep. we tried to divert his mind, massaged his legs, did funny things, sang rhymes, don't know what worked but after some time he slept on his own.

Give him his favourite toy while sleeping.  Have a night lamp in the room.  Give him a massage

yeah , it's a normal situation ! babies Sometimes Need different environment !

I guess it's normal. I have friends who say, their baby needs a drive every night to go of to sleep otherwise they become very cranky.

It's normal dear,  when babies are over tired they becomes cranky so don't worry.

jus a phase and it will pass soon.. babies get colic sometimes at same time every day.. plz check on that..

yeah its normal ....evn my child did tat kind of tantrums....we hd to take him  on ride nw i strted gvng him massage which makes him sleep peacefully n yeah i breast feed him too so it also helps him to calm down...

Don't worry its normal some time baby have colic or gastric problem.. give massage before bed time and also embraced him

dear neha , seems to me the baby is getting too tired to fall asleep. I dont think.its normal . try to get ur baby to nap well soo the night sleep is an easier task . he falls asleep in the car becoz of motion. do not get into this habit . this can be hard to break . firstly make surr baby has napped well and is not over exhausted. second try to pat ur baby to sleep . if he cries or tires to wake up calmly lay him down.on.his bed and pat till he becomes quite . u will have to do.this several times . but after a couple if nights the baby will understand that u.mean for.him to fall asleep thats why u pat him . it will be hard but u wont have a.4 hr cry .

yes your doctor is right...n one more thing .. sometimes u can't just figure out wat happened ... the way u went out for a drive , u have to find one or the other way around... first check for colic, teething trouble, if everything is ok then just wait n give him some time... he will be fine...

Dont worry dear.. It can also be colic.. And actually there are a gazillion reasons.. Maybe feeling cold or hot or hungry etc etc. The doctor is right its all part of the development but you also have to let him learn to sleep

don't worry, slowly he will learn, it can be colic try playing songs at home it may work

Try applying thin paste of asafoetida (hing) around the navel at bedtime. If it's colic baby will get relief and have a sound sleep. Also gradually increase tummy time from few minutes to an hour. Babies also cry due to temperature changes or hunger.

kids become cranky when they are too exhaustd or havin teething issues or havin colic issues.make sure they dont get tired

also sometimes due to bad dreams this happens

dear neha its normal som time baby have colic & gastric problem give the baby grife  water

oh... even my dd does tat
we hv taken her out at three in d note too

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