Need food recipe while traveling and instant food  that can be used easily and conveniently while traveling by flight.  Journey is of 36 hour 2 transit 3 flights.  Recipes please.( Fussy eater) 

parle g n Russ...u cn mix in hot milk.

cerelac, banana and chikoo

Banana,  chickoo like fruits u can take with u, just u need to mash it and give it to baby.  Take some hot water in thermoflask and homemade poha cerelac that is very healthy u can make banana poha porridge immediately.  As u mentioned that ur baby is fussy eater then take Nestel cerelac apple wheat flavor that is super tasty only for an emergency like ur case traveling and biscuits without sugar one. Essential Snack Kit For Travelling Toddlers

you can keep muri or poha (homemade )powder , hot water in thermus ,keep some formula milk in pouch,you can make instant porridge with mixing it with water and adding some formula milk . you can take cerelac rice with you Its to convenient to make