hey 70-80% of deliveries are done through  operation...nd I know many of my friends had c section delivery nd they r not facing any problm wid their body after operation...I just want to know why ladies around me always talk about normal delivery..and always advise me to do this nd that for normal delivery...why so? there any big problm with c section delivery?....which delivery way is better?normal or csection?...plz guys I need a clear explanation about this...

the time period required for recovery after c-section is much higher compared to vaginal delivery. women are known to have got about doing household chores on 4 th day after vaginal delivery while after c-section it takes 6 months to be completely healed... and if you look at it, c-section is a major surgery... ofcourse reason for c-section is to avoid risks for mom and/or baby

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