hey guys...yesterday I was searching on YouTube about how to get prepare for labor nd delivery...nd i watched one vedio telling about when baby's head starts coming out doctor make a little cut in vagina with scissor....I didn't know about this cut before🙄 it really so? must be very painful naa....kya usme bahut pain hota h bcoz of that cut....know m very scared..

this is my first pregnancy....m 34 weeks pregnant...anyone plz suggest...Dr.Shilpitha Shanthappa

What must you know about Breastfeeding after C-Section or after Episiotomy?

hi anon it is called episiotomy. pls read the article.

Dr.Shilpitha Shanthappa is a better person to explain! tc. good luck and keep us posted.

yes, it is called as episiotomy,, which is done to avoid the perineal tear through the process of delivery.. no it will not pain as local anaesthesia is done before taking incision.. so please dont worry.. after delivery of baby, it will be sutured well and gets healed..

thank u so much asha chaudhry nd Dr.Shilpitha Shanthappa..😃😄