I have fully septate uterus... can I successfully deliver a baby?

Dr. Priyanka Patel plz tell

I will request you to please upload ultrasound report also please tell me if your periods have been regular or there has been pain in abdomen severe pain in every time you would have had your periods also is there anything unusual about your periods that day only continue for today's these all points will help us to understand more about your uterus

Periods are irregular... but Lil bit pain not much.. it continues for 4daes....nd I m pregnant... Dr said its on correct place....

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There is risk associated with heavy seprate uterus after checking your reports it is important that you bed rest more and avoid external foods through out your Pregnancy separation is not a demarcation of having to opt out of motherhood it simply needs more care such as abdominal cramps, pain while it bating, occasional red spoting and thyroid problems.

But due to proper rest ND care can I deliver successfully?