Toddler moms out here ?

Got a question for you. What are some of the ways in which you manage a child who answers back ? mine has recently started and it is scaring me. can you share how you tackle it in most non confrontational way ?

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hi anon - as u know u need unlimited patience when it comes to parenting. first tell ur child that talking back is not acceptable. say it in an even tone and show u are not amused. u may need to repeat this but hold ur ground and stay firm. if it still persists stop talking and tell ur child u cant talk to a child who is misbehaving. if need be seek help from a teacher ur child loves. they listen to teachers and take their word as god's at this age. hope this helps

please be patient vth the situation.....both the parent need to be careful n help each other in such situation....scolding n yelling is a bad option....make him understand that there are many answers to every question...make him understand wat is right n wat is wrong....hope this may b helpful....

i ask them to not back answer me....if they still do..i ignore them for some time..make them realize that i am hurt..n they get back to has just happned once or maybe twice ..but this works for me

I also think stopping talking for a while would work...they do these things bcz they don't understand that anyone can get hurt... if u make them realize it, things may work in ur favour...i know it's easier said than done but .try not to loose ur patience

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depends on exactly how old the toddler is. i explain it once, then wait a while, try and divert the mind. if nothing works then ignore.. majority of the times diverting the mind helps in our case. she rarely repeats the same thing again :)
explaining when you both are in better state of mind helps. be patient-lots 😀

Hi dr... May be its a bad influence that ur child is grabbing from one of his friends ..... Nd instead of telling no to ur child for any thing he demands try nd Make him understand why those things are not important for him. Give him some moral stories of how kids who are polite are always appreciated.... Take some examples of his cousins nd friends who are polite  ... Since he had recently started I am assuming he is influenced.... Hope dis helps

Hi's a difficult situation I know...but u should handle it very carefully nd calmly... Never loose ur temper.... You should observe his surrounding....what effect him mostly.... At story time u teach him difference b/w right or wrong....Never compare ur child wid other.... Every Child is different....Sometimes comparison create frustration in child's behaviour.... Give example through stories.... 😊 that's work....

Hey How old is you child??
Few things which works to deal with Toddler tantrums are-
Patience is the key.
Ignorance- Please Don't argue with him, ignore him for a while.
Don't expect too much from him, remember he is a child.

My kids are young. Am yet to confront the situation but I would ignore at the time he does that. May be later counsel him and tell how to say the same thing in better words.

lgnore it when it happens.  Later explain it to your kid that its not a good thing to do. If the kid is going to school ask the teacher to talk about it in the class.

It's just a phase and it will pass.. don't react much on when they answer u back.. try to explain them when they r in good mood.. also check from where your child is learning..  sometimes it's because of the other kids around them .

dont worry first of all. when your kid does the talking back make them realise first of all that it is not at all acceptable but in a polite way. also try to find out from where they are learning by talking to them when they are in good mood.children normally learn from what they see around.u would need a lot of patience to tackle this. i would suggest dont beat as this would make them more adamant

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