my baby is 9 month. not allowing me to go anywhere. he follows me wherever I go. pls say me there is any equipment to make him stay in a place. there is no hook in my home to put a swing

I have a nine month old too, n I totally feel you!! she follows me all around, even comes to the kitchen. I have somehow figured out that if her tummy is full, and there are plenty of toys around, she gets engrossed in them for 10-15 mins at least. when she was smaller, I used to put her in the rocker and she used to enjoy it.. now she has outgrown the rocker we had, n doesn't want to stay in it.. lots of toys around works for me, or if she is too much cranky and doesn't want to leave me at all, I just pop her in my ring sling n we are good to go... please do share what do you do to keep your lo busy... :)

Try and engage your kid in activity with some toys around. also as akanskha suggested you couldn't try baby wearing too.

If you have no option, you cam safely put the baby in a crib or on a high chair with some finger food. Though they will cry, they do settle down and accustomed to the idea.