Hello all. I was going through my report just to see what it says ..I found this ectopic fetus written and got worried ! What is it can please anyone tell? My doctor mentioned nothing about this during consultation and according to her everything was fine.. please tag some doctor I am unable to

Khushboo Chouhan I am unable to tag dr.priyanka pls help me with this..tia

Aradhana Haldankar plz help her

Mansi do u feel any abdominal pain or nykind of vaginal bleeding.... ectopic pregnancy means embryo stick outside the womb generally fellopian tube thats y m asking about pain n bleeding.... one mor thing its bttr post ur full report... so ppl can understand n answer u accordingly....its ur TVS SONOGRAPHY?? Or abdominal scan report

Aradhana Haldankar This is my TVS .. no bleeding..nothing...

Mansi n ur next visit date?

This is my full report Dr. Priyanka Patel

Aradhana Haldankar saakshi thank you guys I asked around and got to know that both the words are separate ...and blank means 'nothing'.. so it is one fetus and one gravida i.e pregnancy and rest is zero.. still I will consult my doc again next time...

Mansi to tag a dr see your home page there you can see how to tag it is same as facebook with @ and the person name and wait for a second you will get drip down menu. Also this report you have posted just 1/4th kindly post this full page please and tag me now Mansi

Dr. Priyanka Patel this is my full report

This is my full report Dr. Priyanka Patel

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Welcome 😊 take care 😘

It is good only thing try to eat are you vomiting mote than once everyday? Baby weight is less please take more of fruits in your diet

And need not to worry randomly now on. Simply tag me on your reports so you don't have to go thru this horrific trouble today definitely it is horrifying to know all of a sudden an ectopic pregnancy. Take care

Dr. Priyanka Patel thanks doctor! Definitely it was horrible! Also ,no I have no vomitting and babys weight is 68 gms and this report is of 12 weeks .. do I still have to increase food intake?

Hello Mansi to tag just write @Name of the person, you will see a drop down, select that person from the list, ping me on chat if you still have any doubts