hey guys...what is d correct tym of chandra grahan tomorrow? plz tell me nd what about sootak ?..sootak lagta h tab bhi kuch nhi karte kya?

hi tomorrow aug 7 from 10:52pm to 12:48am ( aug 8)

ok thank u so much asha chaudhry

is this tym different for different places?..or is it same for every city?..

is thr a list of dos and don't to follow?

you can even should be same in one country/time zone....

I am told to have food before 1 pm today.. after that till around 5.30 I can have light snacks.. after that till 1am tomorrow no food.. if I am too much hungry then I can have some liquid items like juice or tea.. but as far as possible I am asked to avoid food intake after 6pm today.