Hello dr
My baby dont mix with his classmates he dont talk with them dont play with them. And At this place we r staying it is un developed area and here is no any another children so he cant set in the school and crying after the lunch finish in the school. How can i manage this situation. I am totally confused.

Hi devanshi, I totally get you. My daughter has started school recently and she too hasn't really started mixing up with classmates much, because at home mostly she is alone, and mostly no one of her age group is there around. Either there are younger kids or elder. Plus it depends on the nature of the kid as well, some will take time to open up and mix, make new friends, be comfortable in the new environment. It will take some time but ultimately he will adjust. You can try talking to him more about school, explaining to him how fun is it to be with friends and getting to play with them, tell him stories about school and friends. Ask him if someone or something is troubling him at school, is everything fine, how is the teacher etc. If he opens up to you well then half of the work is done.
Also, talk to his teacher about it, and ask for her suggestions to what can be done so that he is more comfortable there. Don't worry.
I'm tagging other moms for their insights on this
Mahima Atishaya Revauthi Rajamani

Hi Devanshi.... You got some really good advice from Akanksha... Talking to your kid will really help...the more the talking and story telling you do the more his exposure to understanding... Try taking him to some outdoor activities that happen around the weekends or mostly kids based activities...will help... I've always let my son gel with kids adults anyone around so it has actually made a lot of difference.... I'm always around though and now school he's a happy chap....

Thank u Akanksha bhuri for yr precious suggestion.

Thank u mahima Atishya it means a lot for me.

Its a normal behaviour Devanshi not all kids are friendly, for few it takes time. Im sure your little one will do good. All the best.