will be travelling by flight soon . can you suggest which seats will be more suitable for us . will be doing online checkin. I mean for diaper  changing and for feeding .

also please provide suggestions to get a good flight experience with 4 month old . it's close to two hour travel time .

hey anon -  the front seats are the best. Sangeetha Karuna has written an excellent post on things to keep in mind while flying wth an infant. tag me here if u need more info. tc. hv a good trip!

most likely u will get the front row so they can attach a bassinet for the baby. (unless there are too many infants on board!)
make sure baby is in a fresh diaper before u board, so u need to change only if baby poops in-flight- use the toilet pls. there is a baby changing board and do ask the airhostess for a safe diaper disposal place. so tht there's no stink to annoy others.
feed at takeoff and landing.

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