Hey mommies, my cousin sister going through bad phase of marriage,  she wrote a letter to me im pasting the content here: Didi maine love marriage kiya hamare family se Aamir khandaan me lekin yaha par cheeze different ho gaya shaadi ke baad.  Mere husband ki sister  hamare saath rehne lagi maine job choda ghar ke kaamo me aapne aap ko Gaon ki bahu bana diye phir 6 mahine baad maine job start kiya. Phir shaadi ke 1 Saal baad baby Hua.  Mere in laws mere ko naukrani ki Tarah treat karte hai meri saas mujhe bolti hai tujhe Saab karna padega puja paath.  Kyunki mere Pati financial unke umpar depend karte hai.  Aab mere bache ko pyaar karte hai use lips pe kisses dete hai ajeeb Tarah se pakdtein hai.  Mujhe insecurity feel hoti hai.  Naa me kahin baahar gayi honeymoon pe no akela time spend bas kaam Karo.  Ab jo me apne husband ke saath rehti hun yaha baar baar aa hate hai.  I hate my life di. I don't know what I have to suggest her please help me mommies asha Choudhary, Sheeba Vijesh

ellora - can u ask her to come to ur place or ur parents place or her parents place for a few days just to visit? i think u need to speak to her away from her family to truly understand the issue. someone needs to talk to her husband after that. how old is her child?

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1 year old baby. I"ll call her to my place,  having Issue with in laws

hugs to your sister.. can she start job again.. if she can then keep some help for household chores.. she should talk to her husband.. grandparents love their grand kids but if she insecure then tell her to spend time with child and talk to child while sleeping.. it's said before sleeping kids attention span is more..   make sure kid sleep wit her...

I faced same thing for 3 years .. even after baby they used abusive words ... I came to my moms place and stopped bothering them ...

He used to take my salary ... didn't even spent money for me even for delivery. .. still I was strong and decided to give up ... We can suggest but everything is in her hands .. she has to think of her child

husband should understand. . if he doesn't care for her better to take a brake and enjoy with the little one .. no matter how much money you have ... Peace of mind is very important. . happened is happened. .. Future is in her hands ... we are educated .. we should be bold...