Hello Doctor, I am in 17th week I asked my doctor about TT injection .I have to take TT injection or not she told not required.all is good only.but I heard All pregnant women need to take TT injection in the month of 5th .But my doctor to now not required all is good going and they told up to deliver Any time I will give .I don't understand .Why TT injection is required is this mandatory or not .For which perpuse TT injection is required plz help me to understand....

Hi Bhawani, usually TT injection is given once in second trimester and again in 3rd trimester as a booster dose. I was given 2 tt shots during my first pregnancy. This time around though my gyn also told that I'll be given only one shot in 3rd trimester which I took last month. So I guess it differs from doctor to doctor. If you still are worried, you can tag the doctor here, she will be able to guide you.

Dr. Priyanka Patel please guide.

Bhavani if you were recently given tt in past 5 yrs then dr must have avoided usually two dose are given when in doubt about the tt injection ever given to the ladies but if you confirm of having proper tt dose some time in past 5 yrs with complete dose the dr may avoid it
It is good to take tt injections to prevent an episode of tetanus toxoid. Ask your gynae about more information to help you understanding it wise. Do not worry

I have not taken any TT injection in last 5 years