hi baby boy has completed 6month on 1st Aug. I wanna ask ki baby ko fresh pomegranate juice de sakte h 1/2spoon per day? ya konsa juice Dena better rahega?

hi neelam, instead of juice try giving few peeled pomegranates, you could put it in the mouth n squeeze it, if you are worried about him taking the seeds in. i however gave pomegranate as it is, he used to pick up the tiny bits himself n eat. it will also help in developing fine motor skills( pincer grip)

bedlam u can gv mashed fruits like banana papaya chiku instead of juices.

Thanx Rashmi seeds baby k liye theek h??

yes Sonia Gupta I also give him apple n banana puree bt I wanna give pomegranate so dats y I asked

yes neelam u can gv then

U can give but start with 1 tbsp.