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Q: if baby weight is lagging behind and AC is also lagging behind. can we have normal delivery then. Otherwise opt for C section. As my baby weight is 2.4 kg at 38 weeks and AC is also 2 weeks behind. should I wait to complete 39 weeks and get operated. can baby create labour pain even it's lagging behind.

yes.. you can still have normal delivery.. my baby weight was also 2.4 kg and 3 weeks AC lag at 38 weeks ultrasound..I was induced and I delivered normally at 39 weeks with LO at 2.67 kg

thanks divya. I have heard that induced labour pain is more difficult and painful.

Yes it is best to wait for labor to start as in the next couple of weeks the baby will gain more weight and come into the normal range. However if the doctor feels that the baby is just not growing and is not getting enough nutrients in the womb and this can be determined by a color Doppler test then it is best to deliver the baby. In this case also you can have a trial of labor by inducing.