hi my baby boy is 9 month old i follow 3 meal 2 snack rule still his weight is not gaining his weight is same from last 2 months also he do potty after every feed pls suggest

Harneet Khurana Elina Dawoodani kindly advise.

hi aarti i think 3 weaning foods might be good enuf + bf. hv u included bananas, khichadi, potato etc?

till 1 yr bf is the main source of nutrition and weight gain. are u feeding enough ?

yes I gave 1 banana every day... nd I'm nt giving bf

ok. well u can give ragi, potatoes or sweet potatoes

If haven't then please include potatoes,  banana, poha porridge and yogurt in his diet.  Do discuss with ur pediatrician in ur next visit.

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