can any moms..tell me the correct timing for feedin my son..always confused 2 meal or 3 meal...and the timing..

Harneet Khurana
Sheeba Vijesh

at 9 months baby shud be having all family food. 3 main meals plus 2 snacks. bf on demand. first baby to be fed and then half an hr later give food. till 1 year breast feed remains the main source of nutrition

all puree,  mash and blending shud have stopped by now

i want to know the timin ..

bf lunch and dinner plz advice

family food means same food that u eat with spices and texture toned down for baby. food gap shud be 2-3 hrs..give meal when u eat food. breakfast lunch dinner plus 2 snacks like u wud have. no need to take extra time out for baby meal or to cook anything extra.