my baby z 6week old... she z not doing potty regularly... mostly after 3-4 days...what should i do?

It's quite normal for bf babies to do potty like that.. don't worry..

for an exclusive breastfed baby its perfectly fine if the baby passes stool 10 times a day or once in 7 days..

It's normal. Don't worry

its fine... don worry...jus feed bm properly... its ll b normal..if its more tan a week consult doctor

thank u soo much everyone... it means alot to me

Dont worry dear its normal thing to new born baby

it's normal dear usually breastfeeding babies passing a stool in 4-5 days consider is normal

it's completely normal... nothing to worry.. some baby's don't pass stoop even for a week.

for EBF babies it's normal