I came back last evening after spending 3 hours at an outlet mall without getting what I went for.

My size was not available in 3 clothing stores.

Old Navy jeans sale left me more confused about my body type, than making me feel good about their options. I am 5'6", and have lost over 10 lbs now. So, sm I a size 8 regular, tall? Should I go for skinny, super skinny, or curvy? Curvy regular or curvy bootcut?

I have a slight bulge un my tummy post pregnancy. I try to hide it so I buy L size shirts. Byt they look too loose on me whereas Size M feels like I am being suffocated. 😱

On top of that the worry of a sleepy toddler at the back of my mind.

All my husband said was; only women can spend 3 hours at a mall with multiple clothing stores and come out with nothing!

Anybody else share similar experiences?

Hey Anon...if u don't get anything that u feel comfortable in.... its perfectly ok. Most of the husbands say the same thing.
I feel you should choose apparels that you are comfortable wearing and that look the best on you. You are the best judge for shop what you like.
I too am sailing in the same boat dear

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