My son's palm are warm and he is it related? he is having minor throat infection from past few days and was having fever today morning 101..

He has 101 fever and a throat infection? i Would advise you to visit a doc. it's changing season, and he may need a doc to see him

had already consulted doc last week and he told it's minor throat medicine is required..and suggested to give crocin if he is cranky..he was doing fine after that without any medicine but since today he is having fever ..I am already giving crocin 6 hourly..
do I need to visit allopathic doc again..he is fine and active other than fever with occasional coughing..for which I am already giving him homeopathic cough drops
Priya Sood could you please tag some doc for advice
Note: he didn't had fever before was only today he has got fever

Teething has various effects on babies right from running nose to fever. Consult his pead don't draw any conclusions on your own. And unless doc confirms the reason don't start home remedies.

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