hi guys, what precautions did u take during lunar eclipse? I read somewhere that you have to sit straight but i sat with folded legs.. now I am worried if this would cause any problems

these are all myths anon. pls read Dr Nikhil Datar's informative post on the myths around lunar eclipse.

Even I was asked to not eat or drink or go to the loo during eclipse but I didn't follow any of it..  In fact I went to CCD with my husband and had pizza..  Lol.. 

These are all myths. Relax, you and your baby is just fine.

Please don't stress yourself with all this myths, Even I dint follow. We shouldn't be afraid of all this.

These are all myths dear..Don't stress. Your baby is fine. Even I didn't follow anything.

I did nothing , just pulled up my sheet and slept 😅

myths... nothing wrong 'll happen

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