my 5months old boy crying in afternoon only that too in sleep only... wht maybe the reason... FYI he is not having colic

Hi Mounika. Babies do at times cry in sleep. Its a phase. Just comfort baby.

tq Priya Sood... u will always be there for me to suggest... love u

We all will always be there for you. Moms understandceaxh other. If we dont help out who will....we all should help each other.

babies dream and hence they will either cry or smile while sleeping..  just take the baby in ur arms and console the baby.. 
he will b back to his dreamland

My baby also does the same.. I hold him tightly, and he calms down slowly. My mom also says the same that they dream a lot.. Lord Brahma and lord Shiva come to their dreams and teach them things.. 😃..personally I don't believe this but nothing harm to listen 😍😍

Mounika plz make sure is ur baby having cold n cough or nose congestion ,if so then use saline nasal drop nd cough syrup bcoz sometimes baby feel ill due to cold n headache

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