Hemoglobin is less for me, Suggest me some super foods to improve.

beetroot and green leafy vegetables

pomegranate, peanuts butter, spinach

Beetroot juice have it daily.. 

beet and pomegranate,most important jaggery with peanuts .

try to have Drumstick leaves are rich in iron.

black dried raisins r gud for anaemia..which imprvs the hb count..

my doc told me to have raisins beetroot and pomengrate especially beetroot

beetroot will help u alot dear...I really saw its magic in increasing haemoglobin...u should also add  pomegranate juice, green vegetables, juices , raw tomatoes, salad ur is also a good source of haemoglobin

i having the same problem 😒

Thankyou very much fellow moms, will try to do everything.

u can have bheege chane with gud and a glass of milk in breakfast...this is helpful