Hello Experts..

My little one has just started sucking on his fingers.. he's trying to suck his thumb but doesn't manage to do so most of the time..

Is it ok to let him suck on his fingers or should i give him a pacifier or TRY to stop him before it becomes a habit (not sure if i will succeed in doing so)??

I did some research online & it has confused me even.. so say do not stop the baby from sucking fingers as it's a milestone & baby learns to self soothe.. some say give a pacifier others say don't.. & some say stop it before it becomes a habit as it cause issues with jaw & teeth development..

please help!!!

pacifiers are not recommended,  and suckimg on fingers is fine. just clean them regularly. pls dont stop.

sucking helps in sooting the babies. so its fine and a natural process. when my son was at 7 months old, i took a plain fresh cotton cloth and put some raisins inside and gave him to suck. dont go for pacifiers as they may become a habit later

my baby also doing the same he sucks his two fingers .so its normal do not stop.

I was told that sucking fingers it's a milestone and u should not stop this.  Please don't use Pacifier might cause infection on babies.

thank you everyone for your advise but what about the issue with jaw & teeth development due to finger sucking??

clean hands with warm water n dry with clean towel. you cannot stop them to suck :)

they don't stick around for one thing for long time...let the baby suck just maintain hygiene around...the baby would leave but keep a watch

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