hello Dr.Shilpitha water discharge normal during 9th month?'s not too much but today 4-5 times whenever i went to d toilet I always found my panty little wet..

Are you sure that it's water discharge? Have you pat dry that part after washing? please make sure and keep your gyno informed.

actually mjhe bhi yahi confusion h Roopashree Siddireddy.....that it's really a watery discharge or its a wetness bcoz of going toilet nd washing that part so frequently...m very nervous now..what to do...I just want to know that increasing in vaginal discharge during 9th month is possible or not?..nd is it normal?

hello Roopashree m confirmed it's a watery it normal in this month?

Dr.Shilpitha Shanthappa....plz suggest...

if you are confirmed with it, then please meet your doctor asap to avoid further complications.. try not to stress more and not to exert pressure on uterus.. rest more and have good amount of oral fluids.. dont forget to meet your doctor..

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