Q: csection date is 7-8-17 .nw when my child take my breast then milk come but problem is that he is not ready to take.when I try he get so so much.every time he get when cm near beast.from two days he cry contiously and not taking in mouth.then we give him cow milk.plz suggeest me so tht he not get n take milk

hi komal. first of all congrats on becoming a mom! the first 2 mnths are the toughest. but u will soon fall into a  routine after that. pls dont give cow milk before ur child turns 1yr. pls give only breast milk till he is 6 months old. go to the dr and ask the nurse or lactation expert to show u how to feed baby correctly. if milk is excess pls express (squeeze out) and release it a bit before he wakes up and asks for it. if ur nipples are getting hardened becoz he is not sucking enuf use a warm towel compression. first week of bf requires a lot of patience. pls be patient and dont give other milk.

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Sonali Shivlani is our lactation expert

please don't give cow's milk till baby is an year old. till then only breast milk or formula milk. it takes practise to get the latch proper. express some milk and give to baby before trying latch. latch baby before he starts crying with hunger. give areola, not just the nipple in baby's mouth... do consult with a lactation consultant...

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consult lactation doctor immediately

Please do not give cows milk to the baby at all. If absolutely essential you can speak to the doctor and use an infant formula. Also do not use the bottle while feeding the baby as this will make the baby fussy at the breast. Do not try and feed when baby is very hungry. Feed a little before so that baby is not overly anxious.