hii everyone.. my baby is 50 days old... He sometimes cries to such an extent that he becomes breathless for few seconds without any noise of crying and his face becomes red. then after some seconds he just calms down... does this breathless crying  indicate any health problem

dont let your baby to cry till such n extent dear.  divert his mind or u can even check with your doctor for the same. your baby might have colic too

Thanks Dhara Popat... yes u r right.. he has colic and mostly cries like this during those times

even my baby used to do this , I asked my padaetic doc n he said baby cries when he is hungry n while breastfeeding breast come out f his mouth,when gets  bored r irritated,due to colic .so when baby cries take him close he will calm down ;if still cries burp him or give him colliza for colic pain

hi this phenomenon is called breath holding the baby on iron drops? if not please start them. it is a very common thing and usually outgrown with age.

thank u Dr. Why is iron drop needed..pls clarify

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