My skin is getting so dry and patchy... can anyone suggest a good face pack....

It happens due to several changes happening in your body. This is temporary, but if you want you can mix 2 tablespoon of besan, pinch of haldi, 2 strands of saffron, 1 tablespoon of malai and some milk to make a smooth paste and apply onto your face. Make sure you add only a pinch of haldi otherwise you'll end up with a yellow face.

Keep moisturizing. Do take care of your skin..Oil and lotion.

If its dry than go for a good moisturiser 👍👍

try nivea all in one scrub facewash pack its the best it helped clear off pregnancy tan and pimples and my skin is glowing

Use a good moisturizer. You can use olive oil for moisturizing and aquasoft lotion for face. Use an extra mild face wash like moiz. It is suitable for sensitive skin.

Hi Sneha, you should have lots of water and liquids and keep yourself hydrated. You can try home made packs or you can also try MamaEarth face pack.

There are lot of products available in market but they might possibly contain harsh chemicals. I have tried the moms co body butter it is really a nice mosturizer you can try if you have dry skin. Keep your body clean and nourished.

apply oil for sometime and wash...after tat moisturize wit a gud cream... drink lots of water... avoid soap

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